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Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 1573 - Sitia

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     My feet pound against the sand, leaving behind my shallow imprints but they will be masked by padding paws soon enough. The wind pushes against my face as I race along the shoreline, the sound of growls and snapping teeth not far behind me. I leap forward, tucking my body and roll across the beach, grabbing a large piece of driftwood. Bounding up, I slam the wood into one of the werewolves’ jaw, splintering it into the air. Another wolf leaps at me and we collide onto the ground. I kick him away and roll onto my feet as the third wolf jumps at me. Running toward him, I shove the driftwood up into his skull from under his chin and slam his body to the ground.
     I hurry to the first wolf which is lying on the ground unconscious and snap his neck quickly, leaving his human body, naked and dead, in the sand. The second wolf bites into my leg and drags me down. I grasp at the beach but the sand just slides between my fingers. Driving my foot into his face, I kick him off and his teeth dig gouges in my muscles but that does not stop me from grabbing his fur and pulling him into the water. I push him under and ignore the way his claws dig into my arm and watch his last breath make its escape.  

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