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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

December 15, 1442 - Strasbourg

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      Humans really do trust us too much. I suppose our charismatic appeal makes them overlook their own instincts and natural fear of us. Tonight, however, my neighbor’s confidence in me may be detrimental. He asked me to care for his friend who is ill while he fetches the doctor. A sick friend? One that is ill enough to die... unexplainably? Yes, this could very well be a mistake.
     However, as I step in the bedroom where the ill man sleeps restlessly, I notice a book lying near the bed. The room smells of sweat and infection, only slightly masking his blood but still, I pick up the book. After all, I do not see one often. As I flip through the pages, I am mesmerized. This man will not be killed by me. Not tonight. Not ever. This man, this book, they are important. Rubbing my fingers over the title, Aventur und Kunst, I look at the man that can change the world, Johannes Gutenberg.  

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