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Monday, October 21, 2013

June 19, 1828 – Boracay

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     The waves lap onto the beach and retreat back into the bay. The clear water lures the humans here even in the darkness of night. The sand warms their toes as their laughter fills the air. I see them just over a hundred yards away. It’s an easy distance to clear. There would be blood staining the white sand before a scream could even escape their lips but tonight I am sitting on the beach, trying to feel human in my cold skin.
     Blocked by the clouds, the moon strains to cast its light on me and warn the humans of the nearby danger that is me but like most humans, they are distracted, missing the most obvious things to see. I try to focus on the waves pushing onto the beach but the young woman’s playfully scream grabs my attention in an instant. I watch the man she is with spin her around, baiting me and my mouth waters at just the thought. Tonight, I wanted to feel human but in this moment, I just want to feel a human between my fangs. 

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