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Friday, July 5, 2019

June 17, 1828 – Boracay

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      The sun set hours ago; yet the sand is still warm between my toes. Some humans come to this island to relax, letting the waves take away the troubles of their mundane lives. Others come for amusement, fun in the sun helps them forget how mundane their lives truly are. My only wish in this moment is to experience a genuinely mundane night. One without hunting, and one without killing. Just one boringly, human-like evening in which I could pretend that my life is mundane. A night filled with sitting on a beach, imaging a life in which my monster does not call me.
      The moon is low tonight but its light is weak, allowing the waters to remain an inky black. It would be a good night for hunting. One could get close to a human before they were ever even noticed. However in the consuming darkness of the ocean, Kate stands alone as the water laps against her. Waving me toward the dark abyss, her smile beckons me to join her. Raising to my feet, I start toward the water. I came here to feel human; and right now, nothing seems more human than swimming with your best friend. The only friend who really sees my darkness but still refuses to look away. 

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