These are the journal entries of a centuries old vampire, Nicolas Rider. Welcome to his world...

Monday, January 28, 2013

April 8, 1515 - Congo

     As I pull my fangs from another tribesman’s throat, I look around the decimated village. Bodies strewn across the ground. Blood boiling in the fire. But that is not what my eyes rest on. Looking down at me with its hollow eyes, sharp teeth, and claws like knives, I see the statue of this tribe’s guardian and I get the feeling that it is not merely an idol. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have come here.
     Feeling the deadly gaze, I look over my shoulder and see the eyes from the statue staring back at me. Only this time, they are real, black and cold, but still piercing. How strange that a vampire would protect humans but then again, people do all sorts of things to be treated as a god. I turn to face the nameless vampire. I suppose it’s time someone shows him just how moral he really is.      

Monday, January 21, 2013

June 5, 1952 – Rampur

     The wind whips through our hair, throwing Kate’s long locks in my face. The roar of the engine begs for me to let off of the gas but that is the last thing on my mind. As I shift through the gears, the car spits rocks and dirt behind us, clouding the air. Kate’s wild laughter only makes me drive that much faster. We hit a bump that sends us into the air. Slamming the bottom of the car on the road when we land, I watch Kate bouncing in the seat and smiling widely the whole time.
     Seeing her enjoying herself makes me happy too. After all, I may not be able to bring back her most recent boyfriend and have him un-break her heart, but she isn’t thinking about him right now. That’s what I can do for her.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

October 27, 1965 - Baltimore

     As I walk down the sidewalk, I can not help but replay my night in my thoughts. In the lighting of the library, she was beautiful, reserved, and mine for the taking. She was biting her lower lip as she read quietly. All I could think about was how much I wanted to take her home. I only wanted sex. I might not have killed her though I probably would have. What can I say, sometimes I’m rough.
     She noticed me staring and didn’t shy away. We talked only briefly before she succumbed to my charm. But as I stepped inside her home, I see the letters from Vietnam on the counter with the same last name as hers scrolled from the sender. I put it together quickly. Married to a soldier. Lonely and needing to be held. I could have still killed her. That wouldn’t have bothered me but then I smelled the baby powder in the air. I could hear a heart beating too fast to be an adult just in the other room. I faked a sudden migraine and left her alone with her child. Alive.