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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 31, 1962 - Cleveland

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     We leave for Germany in a matter of hours but there is still time for one more need to be filled. Walking along the dark streets it is hard not to notice the children unknowingly dressed up as me. With their capes and bulky plastic teeth, they make me smile to myself but they are not who I am looking for.    
     She is. The same woman I called on last night. A beauty that is clueless about the beast she is sleeping with. I step onto her porch and knock lightly, knowing which need I plan to fill, but when she opens the door my throat is set on fire. Smiling at me, she stands in the doorway covered in fake blood from the Halloween party she just returned from. Even without the smell to tempt me, the sight of crimson on her skin makes my mouth water. I smile, knowing that not one but two needs will be filled tonight. 

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