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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

September 25, 1605 – Kurashiki

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     My feet pound against the ground, leaving impressions in the soft dirt but they are not the only feet I hear. The padding of heavy paws closes in as I speed through the trees. The branches pull and tear at my shirt like claws, digging into my skin. Before my blood can hit the ground, creating a light tap on the leaves beneath me, I am fighting my way through the thick undergrowth several yards away.
     The panting of the wolves is close enough for my heart to pick up its pace. I am not normally afraid of werewolves but I also don’t normally kill off a pack’s families while the wolves are hunting. Closing in on a cliff, I make a choice, die or jump. The rocks below will not be forgiving but the wolves will be even less. As my feet leave the ground, my only thought is ‘This is going to hurt’.

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