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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 8, 1591 – Ajaccio

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     Their screams pierce the night and for once I am not the cause of them. Women running in fear, hiding their children while tears stream down their dirt covered faces. Fires scar the buildings and rip through homes, driving people into the open. Blood pulls in the dips of the street as a man drops, sliding a dagger from his stomach. Another unsuccessful attempt to stop this raid. But the Barbary pirates aren’t here for death, they want slaves. After all, there is gold to be had in such a lucrative business.
     I have made it a point not to become involved in the troubles of humans and as I watch the mayhem unfolding before me, I do not intend for this time to be different. That is until a fragile family is chased past me. The pirates slam the father to ground as the mother cradles her baby, protecting him even as she is shoved to her knees and her tight grip on her young daughter’s hand is broken. Before I could think of my actions, I leap between the woman and the pirates. Not hearing the pleas and death around me, I kill the pirates in mere seconds. The woman voices her praise, thanking me for my actions but she misunderstands me. I do intend to be repaid for my kindness and she quickly realizes that when I sink my fangs into her husband’s throat. 

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