These are the journal entries of a centuries old vampire, Nicolas Rider. Welcome to his world...

Thursday, July 7, 2022

July 2, 1980 - London

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    The sound of the music quiets, helping me to hear her heart beating in her chest. She stares at her drink but she can feel my eyes on her. A shy smile spreads slowly across her face as she slides her drink closer, leaving a wet trail across the bar. A thick drop of condensation rolls over her fingers and drips away but I do not watch it splatter on the floor. My eyes only see the way she licks her lips, preparing for a drink. It only lasts a moment, but I notice everything about it. The way her tongue glides across her soft lips only makes them lure me more.
    As she raises the glass to her lips, a light redness flushes her cheeks and I realize that somewhere deep inside she has already accepted that she will let me take her home. That she will let me uncage myself, freeing me to give in to my most carnal needs, the same needs every man has. But what she has not realized is that there is another need inside me. Like an animal raging inside, it makes my heart pound and my throat burn with hunger. And although she does not realize it yet, that need will be satisfied tonight as well.

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